Meditation for Misfits

From struggling with mental health,

to resilient and thriving

Learn to meditate with your kids and empower them to embrace their most fabulous selves with the Connected Kids Foundation course with Trainer Alice Chinn

Does this sound like you?

• My kid is a sensitive soul who gets anxious and stressed very easily.

• My child struggles with not fitting in and suffers from low self-esteem and social anxiety.

• My child is neurodiverse and / or LGBTQI+ and I'm struggling to know how to best support them.

• I'm aware of the power of mindfulness meditation, problem is I'm rubbish at anything mindfulness related myself!

If you want to learn to teach meditation to kids and teens professionally, the Connected Kids Professional Course is what you're looking for.

What if things could be different?

How amazing would it be if you could learn a playful yet pragmatic approach to helping your young folk self-regulate and feel calm and strong?

We are talking about setting your family up with life-long mindful superpowers that'll support the mental health of the most sensitive or neurodivergent amongst us.

How fabulous would it be if there was someone who understood your struggles so could help you create your own bespoke ‘mindful toolkit’

Someone who intuitively ‘gets you’ AND what your young folk need, because she’s had her own mental health struggles and issues with not fitting in.

How incredible would it be to have access to a community of like-minded adults to support not only your child's mental health, but yours too? 

A place where you can feel mutually lifted up by others who are in the same boat, because it’s really tough to navigate raising children alone.

meditating with teens

If this resonates for you....

You're exactly where you need to be… I'm here to tell you that there IS a way you can support your young folks’ mental and emotional well-being while you support your own at the same time. A life-enhancing course that supports you to reconnect to yourself so you can connect with your child.

Which is why I’m delighted to introduce:


This is a life-enhancing course with a playful yet pragmatic approach. We’ll introduce you to fun tools to help your young folk reduce anxiety, self-regulate and feel calm and strong.

Over 7 hours of training, you will learn how to develop heart-led meditations that suit your kids and teens' personality, interests and energy. Meditations that they will love and that will help them overcome poor mental health, grow resilient and thrive.

This course also supports your mental health and wellbeing. We help you create your own ‘mindful toolkit’ that truly works for you. Because before we can support our kid’s mental health, us adults need to take care of our own. This course helps you to reconnect to yourself, so you can connect with your child. 

Connected Kids Foundation is all about empowering parents and carers to support their wonderful unique kids to thrive through meditation and mindfulness. It’s a no-brainer if you want to support your kids’ emotional well-being - whether they are 3, or 23!

At Connected Kids, we advocate and embody a heart-led, inclusive approach that welcomes all kids, including those who are neurodiverse. In addition, as a queer lesbian, I also specialise in helping you tailor what you learn to best support the mental health of LGBTQI+ young folk.

Some amazing things my young 'Connected Kids' have to say:

"I feel strong and brave, it feels like I’ve done something good. It helps me when I get anxious or nervous"

Violet, 9

"I like that after meditating I’m calmer. All the bad stuff goes out of my mind and it feels clear.  I feel more free."

Julieta, 10

“I feel at peace with the world and really grateful. I'm not frustrated or annoyed anymore.”

Lucas, 8

"I feel relaxed and excited to use my new magical powers to help me concentrate and feel safer."

Lennie, 9

When meditation and mindfulness become regular healthy habits, this is the really juicy stuff your kids can start to enjoy:

less stress and anxiety

better focus and concentration

improved sleep

increased self-esteem

inner stability and peace

emotional literacy and self-regulation

Learning to accept who they are and feel comfortable in their own skin

Resilience to surf life’s challenges and those big uncomfortable emotions

Thriving and embracing their truest version

Feeling connected, inspired, and a sense of belonging

Kindness and compassion

Learning to respond rather than react


"Doing the Foundation course brought me home to myself. Meeting Alice showed me that there are more people out there who think that each child is unique and filled with magic, and our approach to guiding them through life should reflect this! Alice showed us endless approaches to calm children's minds, help them discover who they are and find their way to peace. Meeting other course participants made me feel less alone - it’s great to know there are others in the world bringing up their kids with a holistic, intuitive and child-led approach.  If you have found your way to Alice there is good reason for it!.”

— Lliga, Fife, Scotland

"Hi Lorraine (the founder of Connected Kids), I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the Foundation course with Alice. She's such a lovely soul and it was a real treat to spend some time with her and learn at the same time! She's so laid back and I felt very welcome and at ease which was lovely. She really reminded me of how important it is to see through the eyes of our children. I just wanted to pass on some recognition for Alice. You are lucky to have her :)  And I love what you are doing for our children. One by one, we make a difference, no matter how small it may seem." 

— Donna, Glasgow, Scotland

"I originally signed up for the workshop with my kids in mind …. but it soon became apparent for me that healing my own inner child was at the forefront. Alice tailored the experience to my needs and I felt completely at ease whilst she gently encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. Although it was a group setting it felt very bespoke to each individual and the safe space she held allowed my vulnerability through in a way where I felt understood and  empowered. The whole day was such a beautiful experience. I can’t thank Alice enough."

— Lynsey, Fife, Scotland

What you'll learn:

How stress affects the mind, body and emotions, and how meditation helps reduce stress

The benefits of mindfulness and meditation for young people 

An introduction to your own 'mindful toolkit' so you can self-regulate and feel less stress and more stability and calm

How to create unique, bespoke FUN meditations to suit the age, stage and ability of your kids/teens

To intuitively lead heart-centred meditations designed specifically for your kids/teens needs

Techniques to boost self-confidence when delivering meditations to kids/teens

Note: You may also leave the course with a newfound respect for Unicorns

As Scotland’s national animal (google it if you don’t believe me), I LOVE using Unicorns as a powerful metaphor for the inner superpowers we can access thanks to meditation and mindfulness!

Here’s what you’ll get when you buy:

7 hours of training in a small group

Comprehensive pre-course reading

Certificate on completion

Lifetime support from our amazing international online community

Optional upgrade to our Professional Level (become a Certified Kids and Teens Meditation Teacher)

Courses are available online and in-person (Fife, Scotland and Barcelona, Spain)

Sign up from 229€

Your Connected Kids Trainer: Alice Chinn

This course will be delivered by me, Alice Chinn, certified meditation teacher, Connected Kids™ trainer, and founder of Meditation for Misfits. I’m all about supporting young people to go from surviving to thriving. I specialise in providing kids with mindful tools to support their mental health, especially those who don’t fit in!

Over the past 6 years, I've worked with young people facing struggles such as stress, anxiety, sleep problems, depression, low self-esteem. A lot of my young clients are neurodiverse. 

Together we explore meditation as an invaluable tool to help self-regulate, process emotions, relax deeply and calm the mind. When co-creating ‘mindful toolkits’ with my clients, I draw on my own personal experience of overcoming chronic anxiety, insomnia and depression and create a safe, inclusive environment for kids and teens to thrive. As a Connected Kids™ trainer, I also train parents, carers and professionals how to meditate with kids.

I’ve seen time and time again how meditation acts as a bridge that connects individuals to their unique inner superpowers, fostering resilience, connection, and autonomy. You can access my tailored services for kids, teens, and adults in Scotland, Spain, and online.

I present my own radio show Meditation for Misfits on community radio KindaSound, I’ve been interviewed

by Connected Kids™ founder Lorraine Murray, and you can download my signature 'I don't fit in' meditation for free here.

on well-being app Insight Timer. With a Psychology degree and experience in arts project management and as a (very alternative) English teacher, I bring a diverse skill set to my work.

I grew up wild and free in Scotland, but my adventurous spirit led me to put down roots in foreign lands as an adult. I’m currently based in a wee town near Barcelona. I’m most commonly found adventuring (barefoot) in nature ;)


What If I’ve never meditated before, surely this is not a good fit for me?

This course is designed for all levels of adult meditators. You'll be introduced to accessible self-care techniques and a mindful toolkit that work even for beginners. Secondly, our heart-led philosophy at Connected Kids centres around the fact that ALL folk can meditate, and if you haven't got on with meditation until now, it’s just that you’ve not been shown ways that are a good fit for you. I know from personal and professional experience that I can act as a bridge that connects you into the fabulous, colourful world of meditation :)

FAQ image

I’ve got extensive meditation experience, am I going to get bored?

Absolutely not. Meditating with kids is a whole different world, so much so that it often requires us to wake up and employ different parts of our brains. My advice would be to come to this course open and curious, ready to step out of your comfort zone and be teachable - above all from the young folk in your life. This course is also bespoke so I will tailor it and adapt it to the needs and experience of each group.

Wouldn’t it be more effective for you to do private sessions directly with my child? You are the expert after all!

While the private sessions I offer are hugely beneficial and provide tools for life, I can’t be on hand 24/7. You - the parent or carer - are the ones who are with your kids day in day out, wanting to do your best to support them. I have complete faith that you can apply what we learn together to create beautiful moments of deep connection that help your young folk self-regulate and thrive. This is where the magic of this course really comes into its own. In terms of cost, this is a more affordable option than private sessions, and you will be reaping the benefits for years to come.

Isn’t it almost impossible to teach meditation to children!? I can’t even get mine to sit still while they eat dinner?!

Actually, I would say that it’s EASIER than teaching adults! Whereas adults get far more easily caught up in their (serious, overly rational) thoughts, kids have a far greater capacity to simply ‘be’ and embrace their innate imaginative, creative sides. These are fantastic gifts that can be nurtured and encouraged. Through sensory exploration, breathing games, and creative and collaborative visualisations, kids very quickly become fans of meditating. And us adults can learn a shedload from them to boot! Don't let your limiting beliefs hold you back from signing up to this course :)

What if my child is neurodiverse (for example adhd/autism/SEN)? I’m sceptical about being able to meditate with them.

Although we may think that neurodiverse kids can’t do something like meditate, my experience - and that of Connected Kids - shows that kids that are 'wired' a bit differently reap great benefits from meditation (and really need it!). With the right approach, all young people can be supported to find ways to feel more grounded, balanced, calm and content. This is the magic of this bespoke course: with my guidance and support, you will find an approach and style to introducing meditation to your child that truly works for you, for them, and for your the wellbeing of your whole family. If you are also neurodiverse yourself, welcome to the club, me too ;)

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