"If you don't show up in the world as your true self, you'll never find your people"


Hi, I'm Alice

Delighted to furnish you with a diverse rainbow of facts about me so you can get a feel for how I show up in this world:

1) I’m the oldest of 3 girls, but because my energy is kept fresh and a bit magical thanks to all the young folk I get to work with, people are often surprised to learn this fact.

2) I’m Scottish, and one of my fave facts about my beautiful homeland is that our national animal is the Unicorn (google it if you don’t believe me!)

3) I live in a wee town near Barcelona called La Floresta. I’ve been in Catalonia since 2012 and one way I like to describe myself is ‘Scottish with a Mediterranean twist.’

4) Even though I’m a qualified English teacher my spelling is not so good, especially vowel-y words. I’ve never been able to spell ‘Mediterranean’ properly, so settle for typing an approximation, and letting spellcheck do the rest!

5) In early 2024 I finally gained Irish nationality, after over 2 years of waiting. I was eligible because my English Mum has Irish heritage, and I decided to apply to hold on to my European-ness in a post-Brexit dystopia.

6) Even though I teach meditation as a job, I’m by no means the epitome of ‘zen’. Sometimes I’m up half the night worrying about a work thing, or I feel trapped in an anxiety spiral. Thanks to my mindful toolkit, however, I manage to break out of these states much quicker than I used to. I0m a huge advocate for transparency and integrity in everything I do

7) I dance every day - even if it’s just for 5 minutes - because I need to.

8) I get my bare feet onto the bare earth every day because I need to.

9) I often suffer from social anxiety and have only recently started using this phrase to describe the anxiety I sometimes feel in certain social contexts. It feels like a relief to have this clarity and I’m doing much better at supporting myself when I feel like this.

10) I came out as bisexual when I was 23, partly because I had too much internalised homophobia to even consider the fact that I was a ‘raging lesbian’ (This was the phrase I jokingly used when I emailed my schoolmates to come out to them, cringe!). Turns out I AM really gay and identifying as bisexual was a necessary stepping stone that lasted meer months ;)

I share this stuff because it's really important to me that the folk I work with vibe in the way that I vibe. So if you've read this and you're like 'I like the sound of this woman, I think we would understand each other', then know that I'm always open to a wee zoom chat, you can book in

Keep being weird ;)

Alice xxx

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