From surviving to thriving

The revolution starts on the inside!

Meditation for Misfits is a heart-led business run by your fellow Misfit, Alice Chinn. At the centre of my bespoke services is the mission to empower misfit kids, teens and young adults to overcome suffering and thrive as their truest versions. Applying a unique methodology, my gift to the world is helping young folk find the key that unlocks their very own inner mindful superpowers :)

My approach is playful, creative and intuitive, with nature and our connection to it forming the backdrop. With heaps of curiosity and a large dose of heart, I cultivate belonging for my fellow misfits, striving to make each individual feel seen, understood and celebrated.

I offer my services online and in person in La Floresta, Barcelona (where in live) and Fife, Scotland (where I'm from).

Hello lovely being

Thanks for dropping by! I’m Alice Chinn, Scottish with a
Mediterranean twist, veteran Misfit and unconventional neurodiverse oddball. A wild, curious thing, I'm happiest frolicking barefoot in nature.

I’ve always had this sense that I don’t fit in. This plagued me as a teen and young adult when I succumbed to pressure to conform, and my mental health suffered terribly. Meditation and mindfulness helped me out of that black hole and allowed me to embrace and celebrate who I am. Overcoming this suffering is the motor behind the work I do with young folk and the adults in their lives. I firmly believe that the best thing we can possibly be is our truest versions - for ourselves, for our families, and for our communities and society at large.



“Life’s full of difficulties. If we don’t have enough happiness MAGIC in reserve, we have no means to take care of our despair.”


What do I mean by magic? I mean the inner superpowers that we hold inside. Cultivating and preserving this inner magic is a fundamental way to grow resilient and thrive in this sometimes cruel and often challenging world. Meditation helps us tap into that sparkly magic juice and start to build up our own portable ‘mindful toolkits’. I’m here to help young misfits build theirs!

How I can help you

Parents and Carers

Connected Kids Foundation Course: cultivate calm at home, help your kids reduce anxiety and thrive as their truest versions!


Connected Kids Professional Course: make transforming young lives your day job and create a powerful ripple effect in your


Kids & Teens

Bespoke private sessions
empowering young folk with their own mindful toolkit so they can overcome anxiety and regulate their nervous system.

Schools & Charities

Bespoke sessions for young people, with the aim of helping them reduce stress, increase focus and resilience, and nurture their mental health and well-being.

I feel relaxed and excited to use my new magical powers to help me concentrate and feel safer.

- NINA, 9

During the meditation, when you guided us to release all the heavy and uncomfortable emotions into the ground, I imagined many hands helping me do so. Now I feel calm and light.

- ROSER, 11

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